Frequently Asked Questions (with great answers)


Front bar, Adding/Removing ingredients

Q: How do I add an ingredient to my bar?
Hit the search window in the upper left corner then search for your ingredient. Try searching in broad terms without brand names.

Q: How do I remove an ingredient from my bar?
You can remove an ingredient multiple ways, you can tap the bottle in your bar and hit remove, you can search for the ingredient again then hit the trash can, or you can scroll through the list of added ingredient in the empty search window; then remove.

Q: Can I move an ingredient to another shelf or from the fridge?
You can move an ingredient up and down within the front bar by tapping the ingredient and using the arrows. Currently items in the fridge cannot be moved.

Q: I added an ingredient but l can’t find it on my bar?
It could be located in your fridge (bottom left of front bar).

Q: What do the numbers mean at the bottom of the front bar?
The bottom left number on the fridge is how many items you have in your fridge. The bottom right number on the towel is how many drinks you can make that match >90%.

Q: Hey! You’re missing this ingredient!!1
If you think we should have it (and it’s not a brand name of something we already have), send us an email!

Q: Suddenly my bar is empty?
Make sure you’re logged in to your account. Or we could have screwed something up :(

Q: Where is my shopping list?
The shopping list is located in the settings menu, hit the 3 dots button in the top right.

Q: This ingredient info is techinically wrong, actually its really bad.
Tell us!

Q: I can’t find a common ingredient.
Try searching broad names, not brand names. If its a schnapps, know that most of the time that is the same as a ‘liqueur,’ otherwise, Tell us!

Q: What are these grey bottles?
We use placeholder bottles when we add new ingredients to the database. The real image should come in with the next update.

Creating a new ingredient

Q: How do I create an ingredient?
At the bottom of the search menu there is a button “Create a custom ingredient.”

Q: Is adding ‘type’ important?
Yes, if it makes sense. The more fields you’re able to add, the better we are able to match your created ingredient to recipes.

Q: Will my created ingredient match with anything?
Yes, we match your ingredient based on the ‘class’ and ‘type’ fields. The name field is just for you :P

Q: Can I delete my created ingredient?
At this point in time, you’re stuck with them, think before you create!

Recipes and Filtering/Searching

Q: What do the colors mean to the left of the cocktail?
The colors correspond to a matching value, check your filters menu (upper left) it should help explain the colors.

Q: What do the colors mean underneath the cocktail title?
These are our ‘flavor’ colors.

Q:I see cocktails I can’t make, why?

Check your filters, make sure “Able to make” is turned on. We leave some cocktails that you can kinda make in the list (noted by their color on th left). This is so you can determine what you can almost make, buy some ingredients and make them, make a substitution, or you might realise that you do have something and just forgot to add it.

Q: I can’t make anything!? But I added a lot of ingredients?
First, check your filters, there might be something checked that doesn’t match any available drinks. Second, add more ingredients :D

Q: All these recipes are just IBA??
The free app has all of the IBA recipes. The packs add recipes from other, arguably much better, sources.

Q: I just bought a pack but I don’t see any new cocktails?
Check your filters and make sure that the pack is checked! If you don’t see the pack there, go to the store and hit “Restore Purchases” at the bottom of the page.

Q: I can’t find my created cocktail?
Check your filters to make sure the pack that you’ve placed created your cocktails in, is checked.

Q: This cocktail isn’t sweet or tart is actually bitter..
Ya we guessed on a lot of them.. Please tell us,

Q: I cant find a recipe when I search?
Buy more packs to get more recipes! Or you can create one.

Q: Can I sort by ingredient? I want only Bourbon cocktails.
Yes, there is a search feature at the top of the recipes list, you can use that to search for many many things.

Q: I only want to see cocktails I’ve created, can I do that?
Yes, you can turn off all of the packs in filters (except your created packs).

Q: I want to get rid of all these IBA cocktails, I hate IBA.
No problem, just go in your filters and turn off the Basic Mixel pack.

Creating a new Cocktail

Q: How do I create a cocktail?
On the recipes list (bottom right button from front bar) there is a but at the bottom to create your own.

Q: I can’t find my created cocktail?
Check your filters to make sure the pack that you’ve placed created your cocktails in, is checked.

Q: I want to add 1/8oz but cant :(
Sorry! We currently don’t allow that amount. You can add 0.25 tbls, 0.75 tps, 3 ml, or 4 dashes.
Q: I want to add a garnish but it’s not there?
We are currently adding garnishes as we see fit, but some things just arent that useful. Let us know what you want to add and we can put it on the list.

Q: Can I share my recipe?
Not yet! We’ll be putting this in soon.

Q: Where can I create a new pack?
In the settings menu (top right on front bar screen) under the Manage Packs section.

Q: What are the packs for?
For you to organize or group your created recipes however you want!

Recipe cards

Q: I don’t agree with this recipe..
We try not to change recipes from the original source, if you think we got the recipe wrong (amounts or ingredients) let us know!

Q: Can I add something to my shopping list from the recipe?
Currently you cannot, we will be adding this feature soon.

Q: Can I add something to my bar from the recipe?
Yes! Just click the name of the item, if its not already added, you will be able to add it.

Q: The oz to ml converstion isn’t right.

We tried! It’s pretty hard to get it correct sometimes but we tried to stick to the ratio between ingredients. If it’s waaaay off let us know!

Q: What happens when I edit a Mixel cocktail?
Your edits will be saved on your device only, a ‘trash’ icon will appear next to it in the cocktails list. Deleting the recipe will reset it back to its original.

Q: What happens when I duplicate a Mixel cocktail?

The recipe will be duplicated and you can edit it however you like.If deleted, it will be gone.

Mixel Store

Q: I bought some things from the store but its gone now?
Make sure you’re logged in. If you are, go to the store menu and hit the “Restore Purchases” button at the bottom.

Q: It says “Can’t connect to iTunes?” 
We don’t know why this pops up sometimes; or even if its out fault. The fix seems to be to restart your phone and try again.

Q: Do the recipes overlap between packs?
No, every recipe is unqiue to its pack. We will have variations on classic recipes in packs though. There might end up being 10 different Martinis spread over 10 packs.

Q: What exactly do I get when I buy a pack?
You get more recipes! We have hand selected recipes for many well-regarded sources, when you buy a pack, you will expand your recipes and get the most out of our app.

Q: I bought a new phone, will I be able to keep my packs?
Yes! The purchases are linked to your iTunes or Play acount.

Q: I have a tablet and a phone, can I see my packs on both?

Mixel Settings and Accounts

Q: Can I create multiple accounts and keep my purchases?
We aren’t sure why but, yet! Your purchases are tied to your iTunes or Google Play account.

Q: Why can’t I delete a pack that has recipes in it?
We don’t want you to loose those recipes! Move them out then delete.

Q: Why would I want to create a pack?
For you to organize or group your created recipes however you want!


Q: Where can I contact you guys?
email or Discord