Great cocktails.
Always within reach.

Cocktail recipes you can make based on ingredients you already own.

Over 1000 unique recipes organized in a sortable, searchable database.

Add your own recipes using over 550 ingredients.

Built-in shopping list, color themes,  ingredient information, and tons of features.

Step up your cocktail game.

Add your ingredients.
Get the details.
Explore >700 recipes.
Only the best sources.

Create your own cocktails and share them with your friends. Have a cocktail party, use Mixel as your menu.

Best of all, the app is free. We offer IAPs to expand your recipe list.

Mixel has something for everyone. Classics,  variations, local and international favorites. Complex cocktails and simple cocktails.

Expand your cocktail horizons! Add all of your ingredients and start creating new drinks today.


Keep up to date, get notified of new releases and content.

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Everyone says this but we mean it; we want your feedback! We want to make this app better, let us know how you’re using it and whats missing.

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