Absinthe Frappe, Improved

1 oz
A distilled, highly alcoholic (45-75% ABV), anise-flavored beverage derived from botanicals like wormwood, green anise, fennel, hyssop, melissa and other herbs. Technically a spirit, as it is not bottled with sugar. The green fairy.
0.5 oz
An Italian wheat-based herbal liquore that undergoes two infusions. The first includes licorice, orange peel, rhubarb, ginseng, and vanilla. The second infusion is more floral, with peach and apricot blossoms rounding out the blend and adding to the aromatics. Grappa and beet sugar is then added to the mixture.
0.25 oz
Created in 1885 by pharmacist Emile Giffard, this is a mint flavored liqueur similar to Crème de Menthe; 24% ABV.
0.25 oz
A syrup made from dissolving granulated sugar (sucrose) in water. Regular simple is made by combining 1:1 sugar:water by mass, rich simple is 2:1 sugar:water by mass although only 1.5 times as sweet as regular. We always use 1:1 syrup unless otherwise noted in the recipe itself.
1 sprig
Aromatic plants used in cocktails as a garnish or muddled into the liquor to add a light fresh taste. Common in the Mint Julep.

Shake all ingredients with ice until chilled. Strain into an absinthe glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a mint sprig. #shake #ontherocks

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