1.5 oz
A whiskey made primarily from a corn grain mash, aged in charred oak barrels.
0.5 oz
A fruity, rich and sweet vermouth that dates back to 1786. Thought of as a sweet vermouth with added vanilla; great with whiskey. We treat this like sweet vermouth.
0.5 oz
The cheapest and most common type of port. After fermentation it is kept in steel tanks to prevent aging. Any coloring is articically added.
1 tsp
A vodka based pomegranate flavored liqueur, some brands also add tequila; 17% ABV.
1 tsp
A strong coffee liqueur based on the espresso shot, a concentrated coffee drink extracted under pressure.
1 twist
A hybrid citrus fruit originating in Barbados as an accidental cross between two introduced species, sweet orange and pomelo. Like other citrus fruits the grapefruit is popular among cocktails for its peel and juice.

Stir all the ingredients over ice, then strain into a chilled martini glass. Express the grapefruit twist over the drink and discard. #stir #straight

“This Boulevardier-style cocktail riffs on Brian Miller’s Cure for Pain, with a split vermouth-port modifier. Granada-Vallet is an aperitivo made in Mexico that tastes similar to Campari, but is more dry.” -Matthew Belanger

Death & Co: Welcome Home
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