Aperitivo Julep

1 tsp
A peach flavored French liqueur; 16% ABV. Commonly drank as an aperitif or in cocktails.
2 oz
Also refered to as French vermouth, these are (usually) colorless vermouths that have not been sweetened, containing less than 4% sugar.
0.75 oz
An Italian amaro distilled from a secret mix of caramelized sugar, gentian, bitter and sweet orange and natural herbs; 30% ABV. A notable substitute for Amer Picon.
0 sprig
Aromatic plants used in cocktails as a garnish or muddled into the liquor to add a light fresh taste. Common in the Mint Julep.

Put all ingredients in a julep tin. Fill halfway with crushed ice and stir with bar spoon for 10 seconds. Hold the drink by the rim so the entire tin can frost. Add more ice to fill the tin and continue to stir. Top with more ice to form a cone. Garnish with a mint sprig. #swizzle #build #ontherocks

This is basically a big glass of vermouth, but the amaro makes it seem more complex than it is. Peach and amaro get along famously. - Alex Day

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