Donn Day Afternoon

1.6600000000000001 oz
A pale or golden colored lager beer, made with water Pilsner malt and Noble hops. Pale lagers tend to be dry, lean, clean-tasting and crisp. In the case of Saisons, this is a farmhouse style pale ale that is meant to be crisp and refreshing.
2.33 oz
A grapefruit flavored carbonated soda. Famously used in the Paloma cocktail and usually in Paloma riffs.
0.5 oz
The second most common juice used in cocktails. This citrus juice is about 6% acid; 4% from citric and 2% from malic, with small amounts of succinic acid (this is what gives it a little bloody taste). Lime juice should be used the day it is squeezed, some like it freshly squeezed and others like it a few hours old.
0.5 oz
A concentrated syrup made from sugar water and cinnamon bark. You can make this yourself by adding a few cinnamon sticks to your simple syrup making process. We always use 1:1 syrup unless otherwise noted in the recipe itself.
2 oz
A type of rum made from cane juice rather than cane molasses. Rhum agricole originated in the French Caribbean islands.
1 peel
A hybrid citrus fruit originating in Barbados as an accidental cross between two introduced species, sweet orange and pomelo. Like other citrus fruits the grapefruit is popular among cocktails for its peel and juice.

See notes regarding the beer. Add all the ingredients to a double old-fashioned glass. Gently add cracked or cubed ice and stir. Express oil from the grapefruit peel and then drop the peel into the drink. #build #ontherocks

The original recipe called for 4oz (120ml) of Stiegl Grapefruit Radler which is 40% Austrian lager (Märzen) and 60% grapefruit soda, in the recipe here we substituted this for 1.66oz (50ml) lager, and 2.33oz (70ml) grapefruit soda.

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