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1 cup
A variety of boxed wine common with uni students in Australia. Used for the infamous, lay-back.
0.5 cup
A tropical fruit, used in many tropical cocktails for its sweet flavor and yellow color. You can either juice a real pineapple, buy pineapple canned in juice (not syrup) or buy pineapple juice in a container.
0.25 cup
A type of drupe, used for its creamy texture and deep yellow color.
0.25 cup
The juice from inside of a coconut. Very light, transparent, and with a coconut taste. I'm sure you can also find water flavored with coconut extract. Fresh coconut juice is best, asian grocers usually have the immature green coconut, this is what you should seek out for fresh coconut juice. Otherwise look for canned coconut juice/water.

Combine all ingredients with ice in any vessel that will hold it, give it one big stir serve immediately. Pineapple-coconut juice is preferred but the above combination satisfies. #build #ontherocks

A play on the classic Pina colada, the Goon-a-colada is a derivative typically enjoyed in the Australian summer at a party or barbecue. Goon is an Australian slang term used for boxed wine, typically fruity white wine.

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