House Of Payne

A small berry that is used as a garnish or muddled for its tangy, sour flavor and red color.
1 oz
An Italian bitter aperitif made infusing herbs and fruits in alcohol and water. ABV ranges from 10% to 29% based on country.
1.5 oz
A vapor column distilled gin that contains no sweetening agents. A common ingredient in many cocktails.
1 oz
A gin liqueur distilled with sloe drupes; small fruits relative to the plum. It is a much lower alcohol percent than dry gin and has a sweeter flavour due to the added sugar.

In a mixing glass, gently muddle one of the raspberries with Campari. Add ice and both gins, then stir and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the second raspberry. #muddle #stir #straight

From Phil Ward, Mayahuel, NYC.

The Negroni
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