Imperial Blueberry Fizz

1.5 oz
A brandy produced in the wine-region surrounding Cognac, France. Cognac must be twice distilled and aged for at least two years in French oak.
0.5 oz
An American version of a violet liqueur with added ingredients, made from parma violet petals with blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cassis, honey, orange peel and vanilla. Often thought of as a good violette liqueur substitute but the two differ grately.
2 Tbsp
A small berry that is used as a garnish or muddled for its sweet and sour flavor and dark color.
2 oz
A sparkling wine produced from grapes grown in Champagne, France. The carbonation is due to secondary fermentation of the wine after it's bottled. For our purposes we treat this the same as Brut and Sparkling Wine.

Add the blueberries and Yvette to a mixing glass and muddle. Add the Cognac and ice, then shake and fine-strain into a chilled egg coupe. Top with 2.5 oz Champagne. Garnish with a flower. #muddle #shake #straight

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