King’s Landing

1.5 oz
A full flavoured red-colored sweet Italian vermouth. Try it in a Manhattan or Negroni. Often considered the best vermouth, along with Carpano Antica. We treat this like sweet vermouth.
0.5 oz
A colorless eau de vie brandy that has been flavored with or made from pears. You can make it yourself; Google it!
0.25 oz
The most common fruit juice used in cocktails. This citrus juice is about 6% acid; pure citric acid. Lemon juice should be used the day it is squeezed, some like it freshly squeezed and others like it a few hours old.
3.5 oz
A Spanish sparkling wine, similar to Champagne but, well, its Spanish. The word cava means cellar in Catalan; storage in caves used to be part of the wine making process.
1 wheel
A yellow citrus fruit. The peel is often used as a garnish while the juice incorporated into the drink for a tart flavor profile (citric acid).

Combine all in a wine glass with ice, gently stir with a barspoon. Garnish with a lemon wheel. #build #stir #ontherocks

A highball inspired cocktail by Alex Day.

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