Daiquiri No. 4

La Florida Daiquiri No. 4

2 oz
Also referred to as silver or white, light rums are unaged, aged in steel, or aged in oak and have had their color filtered out, and usually have a sweeter and lighter taste than darker rum varieties. The name refers to these rums lighter or clear color.
0.5 oz
The second most common juice used in cocktails. This citrus juice is about 6% acid; 4% from citric and 2% from malic, with small amounts of succinic acid (this is what gives it a little bloody taste). Lime juice should be used the day it is squeezed, some like it freshly squeezed and others like it a few hours old.
1 tsp
A liqueur distilled from Marasca cherries, that grow along the Dalmatian coast.
1 tsp
Granulated sugar is a sucrose formed with glucose and fructose join by covalent bonding. Sugar is soluble in water, increasing the surface area (smaller grain size) or heating the water, dissolves sugar faster. Some cocktails use sugar directly but more use it indirectly in syrups/liqueurs.

Dissolve sugar in lime juice, then place all ingredients in a blender with 12oz crushed ice. Blend on high for 20 seconds. Pour into a cocktail glass or highball. #blend #ontherocks

To make the La Floridia Daiquiri No. 3 add 1 tsp of grapefruit juice and up the sugar to 1 tbls. Created by Constantino Ribalaigua Vert, from the 1935 Bar La Florida Souvenir booklet.

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