Millionaire Cocktail No. 2

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Also called Anis, this is a anise-flavored liqueur mostly consumed in Mediterranean countries. The most traditional ersion is made by distillation of aniseed.
You know what eggs are. In cocktails, eggs are used for their foaming properties, giving the drink a rich and creamy texture. The eggs proteins form a 'net' that traps air and liquid extremely well; for this reason, drinks that contain eggs are shaken. They are also used for egg washing, a type of booze washing. Some cocktails use only the egg white (fizzes) and some use the whole egg or only the yolk (flips). There are common non-egg substitutes out there, check out insta-foam
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A distilled, highly alcoholic (45-75% ABV), anise-flavored beverage derived from botanicals like wormwood, green anise, fennel, hyssop, melissa and other herbs. Technically a spirit, as it is not bottled with sugar. The green fairy.
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A gin that contains no sweetening agents; usually around 40% ABV. Try Monkey 47.

Dry shake, without out, then shake again over ice. Double-strain into a cocktail glass. #shake #straight

One of the many classics from The Savoy Cocktail book.

The Savoy Cocktail Book, 1930
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