2.5 oz
A sparkling wine produced from grapes grown in Champagne, France. The carbonation is due to secondary fermentation of the wine after it's bottled. For our purposes we treat this the same as Brut and Sparkling Wine.
2.5 oz
A citrus juice used in many cocktails, both for its sweet and tart taste and its color. Orange juice, unlike lemon and lime, can be kept fresh for days. In a blind taste test, most people liked day-old orange juice.

Ensure both ingredients are well chilled, then mix into the glass. Serve cold. Have with Eggs Benedict. #straight

It is believed to have been invented circa 1925 in the Hôtel Ritz Paris by Frank Meier. It is probably named after the common name in Europe for the yellow flowers of Acacia Dealbata. - Wiki

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