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3 oz
A Spanish sparkling wine, similar to Champagne but, well, its Spanish. The word cava means cellar in Catalan; storage in caves used to be part of the wine making process.
1.5 oz
Pineau des Charentes is generally categorised as a fortified wine (aka 'mistelle' or 'vin de liqueur' in France). However, being a blend of unfermented or only lightly-fermented grape must and Cognac eau-de-vie it could be argued that the genre is more akin to a liqueur.
0.25 oz
A type of rum made from cane juice rather than cane molasses. Rhum agricole originated in the French Caribbean islands. The dark varieties have been aged in charred oak, lending their color to the rums.
1 oz
Acidic juice from pressing unrip grapes or other unripe fruit.
0.25 oz
A syrup made from the flavoring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla. you can make it yourself by adding vanilla extract or fresh vanilla pods to simple syrup. We always use 1:1 syrup unless otherwise noted in the recipe itself.
1 drop
The essence of birch bark, also known as a tincture. A few drops will do ya.

Pour the cava into a wine glass. Add the remaining ingredients and fill the glass with ice cubes. Stir once and garnish with the edible flower. #build #ontherocks

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