1.5 oz
A very dry version of French vermouth containing much less than 4% sugar.
1 oz
Slightly sweeter than London Dry gin, but dryer than genever, this 'missing link' gin may or may not be the inspiration for the Tom Collins.
1 oz
The driest and lightest of the traditional sherry varieties. They are consumed young and shortly after opening the bottle; within a few hours they start to lose flavor.
0.25 oz
An oil made from pressing olives. In cocktails this can add both flavor and mouth feel.
Known for the Martini, the cocktail olive is the fruit of the olive tree, pickled is a salty brine. This may or may not be stuffed with pimento (red bell pepper).

Combine all the ingredients in a storage container, then freeze for 24 hours. Strain the solidified oil, and pour the drink into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with the olive. #straight

“Though you can make a single serving of this drink, it makes a lot more sense to put together a big batch and store it in the freezer.” -Matthew Belanger

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