You know what eggs are. In cocktails, eggs are used for their foaming properties, giving the drink a rich and creamy texture. The eggs proteins form a 'net' that traps air and liquid extremely well; for this reason, drinks that contain eggs are shaken. They are also used for egg washing, a type of booze washing. Some cocktails use only the egg white (fizzes) and some use the whole egg or only the yolk (flips). There are common non-egg substitutes out there, check out insta-foam
10 oz
Dark lager, brown ale, stout, porter, barley wine, these beers are characterized by their darker color and often relatively high alcoholic content.
1 Tbsp
A granulated sucrose product (1/2 glucose to 1/2 fructose) made from molasses. What makes mom's chocolate chip cookies taste so dang good (and butter) (and love).
0.25 tsp
The seed from an evergreen tree, used as a grated garnish in many cocktails. A must for egg-nog and egg-nog like drinks. In sufficent amounts it gives a numbing sensation.
0.25 tsp
A tree bark spice, commonly used as a grated garnish in cocktails, an ingredient in the cocktail, or floating as a whole piece as a garnish.
2 oz
Slightly sweeter than London Dry gin, but dryer than genever, this 'missing link' gin may or may not be the inspiration for the Tom Collins.
6 oz
A sweet dessert sherry made by adding a sweetener to Oloroso sherry or by blending Oloroso with Pedro Ximénez.

Serves 2-3. In a warm howl or pitcher, beat the egg yolks with a splash of ale, the sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and gin. In a pot, heat the sherry and remaining ale over medium heat until 140F or 60C. Gradually add the sherry mixture to the egg mixture, beating with a fork or whisky all the while. Pour back and fourth between the mixtures until smooth, then strain through a fine mesh. Serve in warm mugs. #batch #hot #straight

“The singular name bestowed upon a drink very much in vogue with English sportsmen, after their return from a day’s shooting.” -Jerry Thomas

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