Sazerac, PDT

2 oz
A whiskey distilled from a grain mash that contains at least 51% rye, a grass and member of the wheat tribe 'Triticeae.'
3 dash
A gentian-base aromatic bitters similar to Angostura but with a lighter body, sweeter taste and more floral aroma. A common component of the Sazerac.
2 dash
A concentrated aromatic bitters made in Trinidad from water, ethanol, gentian and other herbs and spices; used in many classic cocktails like the Manhattan.
1 tsp
A so-called 'raw' cane sugar that was never refined into white sugar. The sugar molasses has been removed by gravitational separating in a centrifuge. It can be made into a simple syrup by a 1:1 sugar:water ratio by mass.
0 rinse
A distilled, highly alcoholic (45-75% ABV), anise-flavored beverage derived from botanicals like wormwood, green anise, fennel, hyssop, melissa and other herbs. Technically a spirit, as it is not bottled with sugar. The green fairy.
1 twist
A yellow citrus fruit. The peel is often used as a garnish while the juice incorporated into the drink for a tart flavor profile (citric acid).

Muddle the sugar and bitters in a mixing glass, then add the whiskey and ice. Stir and strain into a chilled, absinthe-rinsed rocks glass. Twist a lemon peel over the surface of the drink and discard. #muddle #stir #straight

Adapted from William Boothby, World Drinks and How to Mix Them, 1908.

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