Spice Cookie

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A swiss cinnamon schnapps. The name is derived from the addition of gold flakes that float in the drink, 13mg Au/1L. It has a 53.5% ABV.
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A type of dark rum made with the addition of spices, and sometimes, caramel. Most spiced rums are darker in color. You can make one yourself! There are multiple recipes online that basically consists of steeping spices in rum, find your favorite!
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A syrup produced by bees (apis). Pure honey is 82% sugar and very viscous, if you add 64g water to every 100g honey you can make a thinner honey syrup that will substitute (with respect to sweetness) for simple syrup in any recipe, equivalent to 1.1:1 honey to water by volume. We try to always use 1:1 syrups by mass. However, most sources measure honey syrups by volume, this tends to make comparing recipes across sources that use honey syrups complicated, we tried to state what the original source uses in the recipe text. If no extra information is given, assume the syrup to be 1:1 by volume (eq ~1.4:1 by mass). Proteins in natural honey provide structure to bubbles in shaken drinks.

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled. Strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass. #shake #straight

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