Sunset Marajoara

2 oz
A Brazilian spirit made form sugar cane juice (as opposed to cane molasses like rum), similar to rhum agricole. This is the aged or dark variety of Cachaça, aged in differnet types of wooden barrels each lending its own flavor to the spirit.
0.33 oz
Also refered to as French vermouth, these are (usually) colorless vermouths that have not been sweetened, containing less than 4% sugar.
6 pod
A spice from the seed of a native plant found in India and Indonesia. Commonly used as a spice in cooking, and less common in cocktials.
80 grams
A juice stone fruit with a creamy texture, something like a peach.
50 grams
A fruit that grows on the vine of the passion flower, native to brazil. Used for its tart taste and crunchy seeds.
1 tsp
Granulated sugar is a sucrose formed with glucose and fructose join by covalent bonding. Sugar is soluble in water, increasing the surface area (smaller grain size) or heating the water, dissolves sugar faster. Some cocktails use sugar directly but more use it indirectly in syrups/liqueurs.
1 sprig
A culinary herb in the mint family.
2 slice
A juice stone fruit with a creamy texture, something like a peach.

Muddle the cardamom pods in a cocktail shake. Add the mango, sugar and passion fruit and muddle until it becomes a purée. Add remaining ingredients and dry shake, without ice. Add ice and shake again. double strain into a marajora cup and garnish with a basil sprig and 2 slices of mango. #muddle #shake

Created by Junior Braga

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