The Beauty Beneath

2 oz
A subset of aged (dark) rums that specifically come from Jamaica. These rums are highly regarded for their unusual pot-still funk, necessary for certain classic cocktails.
1 oz
A fortified and aromatized wine made from Grigolino wine from Casina Tavjin in Piedmont, along with wormwood, gentian, and bitter orange peel.
0.5 oz
A brand of triple sec produced in France. It is drunk as an aperitif, degestif, and used in cocktails like the margarita; 40% ABV.
1 dash
An aromatic bitters made by Fee Brothers. Made with Angostura bark, along with other spices and citrus oils.
1 peel
An orange colored citrus fruit. Many types of orange make an appearance in cocktails. The peel and juice are equally valuable to diverse cocktails.

Combine all in a mixing glass, stir with ice until chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Express oil from an orange peel over the surface of the drink, then drop it in. #stir #straight

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