The Fall of Man

5 peel
An orange colored citrus fruit. Many types of orange make an appearance in cocktails. The peel and juice are equally valuable to diverse cocktails.
1 oz
A whiskey made primarily from a corn grain mash, aged in charred oak barrels.
1 oz
A bitter liqueur made form over 40 secret ingredients in Budapest, Hungary; 40% ABV. Made by Zwack but is differnt from Zwack Liqueur.
0.25 oz
A brand of triple sec produced in France. It is drunk as an aperitif, degestif, and used in cocktails like the margarita; 40% ABV.
0.25 oz
Also refered to as Peter heering, this cherry liqueur brand is commonly used in cocktails like the Singapore Sling and Blood & Sand.
0.25 oz
'Point and a half' this Italian bittersweet vermouth (chinato vermouth) dates to around 1867 and is simultaneously amongst the bitterest and sweetest of vermouths. It can be used as a substitute for rosso (Italian red) vermouths in most cases, but can also be thought of as an intersting sub for dry vermouth.

Prepare a rocks glass by expressing 5 orange peels in the glass filled with ice, add the peels to the glass. Stir remaining ingredients in a mixing glass over ice, then strain into the rocks glass. #stir #ontherocks

Note: Zwack Liqueur is not a good sub for the Unicum in this drink. Make sure your Unicum says ‘Unicum’ at the top of the bottle and Zwack at the base. If it says Zwack in large text at the top, it is Zwack liqueur. ;(

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