The Red Light

1.25 oz
Also called Jenever, Dutch gin or Holland gin, this is the oldest type of gin and is still made in the Netherlands, France and Germany. It is mild flavored gin with slight juniper flavor and aroma. usually bottled around 30-35% ABV.
1.25 oz
A French orange-flavored liqueur made from a blend of cognac, bitter orange essence and sugar. It is used in common cocktails like the Cosmopolitan, Sidecar, Sangria and others.
0.33 oz
A German bitter liqueur created in 1846 from a secret family recipe of aromatic herbs from 43 different countries and then matured in Slavonian oak barrels. The bottles are small (20ml) and wrapped in a paper sleeve. Typically consumed as a digestif; 44% ABV.

Stir with ice and strain into a coupe. #stir #straight

From Charles Joly.

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