Raspberries Reaching

1.5 oz
A French liqueur made from raspberries, drank in cocktails or as an aperitif; 16% ABV.
1 oz
Wines grown in the Tokaji region of Hungary that are affected by a noble rot. The rot breaks the grapes skin causing them to become dehydrated. This has the unintended effect of concentrating the sugars, which makes wines produced from these grapes very sweet.
0.5 oz
A vodka based pomegranate flavored liqueur, some brands also add tequila; 17% ABV.
3 drop
A rose flavored water made by steeping rose petals. Used in some cocktails like the Juliet and Romeo, Old Pal, In Bloom and Jules & Jim. Some say it has a strong (and off-putting) perfume taste.

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a pink rose petal. #stir #straight

A drink created for Master Sommelier Emily Wines.

The PDT Cocktail Book
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