The Sorcerer

6 oz
A hot beverage made with chocolate or cocoa powder, consumed during the fall. Make the good stuff with milk instead of water!
1.5 oz
An Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur with many variants, commonly used in cocktails; 17% ABV.
1.5 oz
A vodka with added flavoring, commonly citrus but also fruits, roots, spices, sugars, teas and herbs.
1 oz
A sweet mint-flavored liqueur. It is flavored with Corsican mint and dried peppermint. Commonly consumed as a digestif or in cocktails such as the Grasshopper and Stinger.
0 grated
The seed from an evergreen tree, used as a grated garnish in many cocktails. A must for egg-nog and egg-nog like drinks. In sufficent amounts it gives a numbing sensation.
0 grated
A tree bark spice, commonly used as a grated garnish in cocktails, an ingredient in the cocktail, or floating as a whole piece as a garnish.

Build in a warm mug, gently stir to combine. Garnish with grated cinnamon or grated nutmeg. #hot #straight

“It tastes like a liquid peppermint paddy!”

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