Thrust and Parry Cocktail

0 rinse
A young mezcal that has not been aged for more than 2 months.
2 oz
A whiskey blended from various single malt whiskeys, also called blended malt and vatted malt. The 'malt' refers to the malted barley (required in Scotland) or rye, used to make the whiskey.
0.75 oz
A popular French brand of ginger-flavored liqueur with origins in China; 28% ABV.
3 piece
A crystallized sweetened candy made from ginger. You can make it yourself; Google it!

Dash mezcal into a chilled cocktail glass, and swirl the glass to coat the interior with the spirit. Discard any excess. Stir remaining ingredients with ice and strain into the rinsed glass. Garnish with 2-3 pieces of ginger candy on a skewer. #stir #straight

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