Venezuela Libre

1.5 oz
A rum aged in charred oak barrels that lend their color to the rum. If a recipe calls for this rum it is likely refuring to a darker colored rum with a rich and strong yet smooth flavor. Common varieties come from Jamaica and Haiti.
0.5 oz
A grape distilled base amaro made from various herbs, such as myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, aloe and saffron. Typically 45% ABV.
1 dash
A concentrated aromatic bitters made in Trinidad from water, ethanol, gentian and other herbs and spices; used in many classic cocktails like the Manhattan.
4 oz
A soda, similar to Coke, that is notably made with 'raw' sugar creating a more 'natural' taste (whatever that means).
1 wedge
Small, round, green citrus fruits. Commonly used in many cocktails for its rind or its acidic taste (6% acid total; 4% citric, 2% malic, some succinic acid).

To a highball glass, add the rum, Fernet and bitters. Add ice and fill the balance with Mexican cane cola. Garnish with a lime wedge. #build #ontherocks

Adapted from Rosie Schaap, by Jack McGarry of the Dead Rabbit.

NYT Book Of Cocktails
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