Verona Cobbler

3 oz
A carbonated wine usually from natural fermentation, but increasingly via carbon dioxide injection.
0.75 oz
A brandy produced in the Armagnac region in France. It is distilled from blended wine and aged in oak barrels.
0.25 oz
A brandy that has been flavored with or made from cherries. You can make it yourself; Google it!
0.5 oz
A sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar, and rose water or orange flower water. Sometimes other nut derived syrups are referred to as orgeat. You can make this yourself! There's a few recipes, this one if from liquid Intelligence. Combine 660g very hot water with 200g nuts of your choice (almonds are traditional). Blend together at high speed, then strain through a fine strainer or cheescloth. Add salt if you'd like. Then combine 500g nut milk with 500g sugar, blend to combine. If the emulsion breaks, use a stick blender to quickly recombine (or shake hard before using). If you're up for it, add 1.75g Ticaloid 210s and 0.2g xanthan gum to stablize the emulsion. If you can't find Ticaloid, use a mixture of gum arabic and xanthan gum in a ratio of 9:1. This recipe doesn't use rose or orange flower water, if you'd like you can add small teaspoon of either.
3 drop
A rose flavored water made by steeping rose petals. Used in some cocktails like the Juliet and Romeo, Old Pal, In Bloom and Jules & Jim. Some say it has a strong (and off-putting) perfume taste.
1 twist
A hybrid citrus fruit originating in Barbados as an accidental cross between two introduced species, sweet orange and pomelo. Like other citrus fruits the grapefruit is popular among cocktails for its peel and juice.

Pour the sparkling wine into a tulip glass. Add the remaining ingredients and fill the glass with crushed ice. Express the grapefruit twist over the drink and insert it into the ice. Serve with a straw. #build #ontherocks

“I recommend using a good champagne in this sparkling wine—based cobbler, so that the other ingredients can amplify its flavor profile. Orgeat does a lot of the lifting here and gives the drink richness, while the rose water is barely perceptible but brightens up the drink and plays well with the floral kirsch.” -Sam Johnson

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