Białystok, Poland

1.5 oz
Also known as Bison Grass Vodka, this is a vodka distilled from rye and flavored with bison grass tincture.
1.5 oz
Also known as Vermouth di Torino, Italian vermouth, rosso and red vermouth; these vermouth have been sweetened with cane sugar or caramelized sugar, usually giving the vermouth 10-15% sugar and a slightly reddish brown color.
0.25 oz
A strong root and herbal liqueur that has been produced in Danzig since 1598. The defining characteristic of this drink is its addition of 22k gold flakes that float in the liqueur.
1 dash
A class of bitters that a broadly made from aromatic herbs, spices, fruits and botanicals. This includes Peychuad and Angostura bitters. You can make these at home. There are plenty of recipes online for various bitters, a good book source is 'Bitters' by Brad Parsons. The only down side is they generally require hard-ish to source ingredients.
1 dash
A distilled, highly alcoholic (45-75% ABV), anise-flavored beverage derived from botanicals like wormwood, green anise, fennel, hyssop, melissa and other herbs. Technically a spirit, as it is not bottled with sugar. The green fairy.
1 twist
A yellow citrus fruit. The peel is often used as a garnish while the juice incorporated into the drink for a tart flavor profile (citric acid).

Build in a mixing glass, add ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon twist. #stir #straight

Żubrówka is a vodka flavored with bison grass.

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